things that i wanna add to this
  1. breakdown thingy of the 'head' part, like what is what and what is does / means
  2. how to add links to various things, and what the tags for them mean

html notes

my notes on things and how to use them in html !!

basic text formatting && such

symbols // characters

to type a character that is used in html code, an entity is needed;; otherwise the character will be read as part of the code and not show up in the output !! (to write this list, entities were needed for all the symbols, so that the text wouldn't be actually read as an entity)

paragraph thingz

headers !!

headers r just.. headers.. bigger number = smaller text <h#>header text</h#>

lists !!

<ul>text here is optional <li>text goes here !!</li> <li>as much text as you want</li> <li>can go in each point/line</li> don't forget the end tag!≶/ul>
    the other type of list
  1. is an ordered list
  2. it's almost the same, except:
  3. its tags say ol, rather than ul
( ul = unordered list // ol = ordered list // li = list )