to-do for this page

1. title & favicon
2. header
3. text format !!! (kinda done, not perfect but looks good!)
4. text layout, like what says what and where
5. add cute gifs n images n dividers etc etc
6. add alt text for imgs

saturday, september 10th, 2022

it's a bit past midnight as i'm writing this, so ig its technically sunday or whatever,, oh well. any-
ways, today i kinda slept most of the day, as usual. but! i had gotten up this morning? it was late
morning, near noon; i ate some and had some soda and then messed around a bit idk,, then i took a
nap cuz i was sleepy (after doing so so much yanno /s) and woke up at like. 5. i. i forgot what else i
did. i don't think i did much? i worked on uhh making a page in this to store crap in, so when i
actually make my site i can just !! copy paste my stamps & blinkies etc collections over to wherever!
it took a while,, and im not completely done, but i like it! i might just format the page itself tbh,,
- circus
(i've been listening to dark academia playlists for the past two or so hours while i work,,,
my back hurts but mmmm do i love classical omg makes me wanna live in a haunted library)

friday, september 9th, 2022

thought i would have a better day today,, ig i did? but not by too much. didn't go to school- again- i
don't really know/remember how exactly that happened.. but its fine for now ig,, i was going to go to
my other school at least for my afternoon classes, but my stomach hurt too much !! i feel sick ! and
icky ! i asked my mom and she said we could go to this used book store i like (even tho i rarely buy
anything there,, just look) but!! i feel too bleh to go anywhere :/ anyways, ima keep working on this!
html is a lil tricky,, but so far, fun!

thursday, september 8th, 2022

had a bad day,, decided to teach myself html ! currently lowkey hyperfixating on old web and neocities
type stuff,, so here i am !! unrelated but the queen died ??